Is it CG?

Congrats, this product is CG Approved, but contains some ingredients that may not work for everyone!

See below for a breakdown of the ingredients

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CG Approved with caution


These ingredients are proteins that you can either avoid or look for, depending on your hair type. Some is good for the hair diet, especially damaged hair. However, normal hair, or protein sensitive hair could begin to feel stiff, frizzy, and dry, indicating your hair is getting too much protein.

CG Approved with caution


These ingredients could cause build up on finer, thin hair

CG Approved with caution


A humectant absorbs moisture and keeps a moisture balance in the hair and skin. Humectants will search for moisture in your own hair too. Therefore, in areas where it may be hot, but dry, these products may actually do more bad than good. In the right condition, humectants are materials used in products to moisturize dry or damaged hair.

CG Approved

Moisturizing Alcohols

These ingredients are moisturizing alcohols that you want to look for.

CG Approved

Waxes and Oils

These ingredients are waxes and oils that you want to look for.

Probably OK

Remaining Ingredients

These ingredients are either OK to use, or weren't an exact match for those to avoid.